Burot Beach + Isla Puting-Buhangin

Last Saturday we went to Burot Beach, Calatagan , Batangas. We have been checking this beach through internet for months but we can’t decide as this is privately owned by SMDC.  However, a friend told me about her contact (Mang Ramon- (09156028907)) and we inquired. He said that the beach is still open to public until further notice.  With the blogs we read, the travel time for bus is 2-3 hrs. However, our experience is different! We left around 5:00 am from Pasay and arrived 9:45 am at Calatagan Public Market! Almost a 5-hr drive!

TIP: Bus and van rates are BSC liner – P193.00, Celyrosa – P160.00 and van P180.00. They all have terminal in Pasay. For buses: At the back of Mc Donalds (First trip 4:00 am). For vans: At the back of Kabayan Hotel.

As soon as we got there, we bought our baon and looked for a tricycle driver who took us to the beach!  Travel time is 15-20 mins.

TIP: Tricycle fares vary from 100-150 pesos. Also, ask the driver to pick you up.

Our plan is day-tour only so we asked the tricycle driver to pick us up at around 3:00pm as the last trip from Calatagan to Pasay is 5:00 pm. If you want to stay overnight, make sure you have a tent or you can rent a tent from Mang Ramon if you don’t have one. 🙂


Here’s a sample Itinerary below:

2D/1N Burot Beach sample Itinerary

Day 1

5:00 am ETD Pasay bus to Calatagan

9:45 am ETA Calatagan Public Market (you can buy your baon here, but limited lang choices.)

9:55 am Look for a tricycle driver that will take you to Burot Beach. Travel time is 15-20 mins.

10: 15 am ETA Burot Beach

10: 15 am beach bumming, swimming

11:00 am Prepare lunch

12:00 pm Lunch time!!!

1:00 pm Beach bumming, swimming or you can go to Isla Puting-Buhangin. Look for a boatman. Rate is 40 pesos per head. It is only 3-5 mins away from Burot Beach.

2:30 pm Back to Burot and enjoy the beach!

6:00 pm Prepare dinner

10:00 pm Lights out

Day 2

5:30am Prepare breakfast.

7:30am Free time! Enjoy the island. Swim, beach bumming. :)

10:00am Preparing to go home.

11:00am ETD Burot Beach to Calatagan Public Market.

11: 20am ETA  Calatagan Public Market. (you can eat your lunch here)

12:00-12:30 pm ETD Calatagan Public Market to Pasay

4:30 pm ETA Pasay Terminal

Expenses for 2 persons
Bus (to Coastal road) Php26.00
Bus (to Pasay) Php20.00
Bus (to Calatagan) Php386.00
Tricycle (back & forth) Php200.00
Burot (table) Php150.00
Burot (entrance) Php120.00
Van (to Pasay) Php360.00
Boat (putting buhangin) Php100.00
Food Php160.00
banana P30
corned beef P35
water P30
bread P55
TOTAL Php1,522.00

13 comments on “Burot Beach + Isla Puting-Buhangin

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  2. if you want to enjoy…?
    Burot beach is the place to bee ! ! !
    i’m sure you can relax, you can enjoy the beautiful white sand
    the clean water the beautiful place…
    *****TRY IT BELEIVE IT *****
    Just call or text : kuya Romy
    To guide you any time you want ,
    Contact no : 09266452950

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