DIY Rustic, Quirky, Beach-Themed Wedding Invitation

So, I’m proud to share our DIY wedding invitation! After months or a year of doing drafts, checking for different designs, styles and materials. Here’s the one!

I forgot how many times that I changed my design. I remember the first one I made, the plane ticket but then I changed my mind and wanted a an airplane invitation, and the list goes on and on….

I also made a Would-You-Be Cards for my entourage but I wasn’t not able to print it because I focused on searching for invitation designs. 🙂 When I started planning the wedding, I already knew that the invitation would be #1 in my DIY list. 😀

Well, anyway! Here it is!

First Page. I used sinamay to bind the pages of the invitation.  And since we are having a beach themed wedding, I put seashells as a design.  At the back of the invitation, you can see the ref magnets as a part of the invitation. 🙂 The first page pala is our love story and tagalog ang kwento! 🙂

First Page

In this photo, you can see the pages of the invitation. I used kraft paper and cream cardstock. 🙂


Here’s what you’ll see when you open the invitation box.


Tadaaaaa! Pwede ng ipamigay! I put our monogram sa front box and used abaca strings to bind the box! 🙂

box with names


Intramuros: the “Walled City”

Intramuros, the “Walled City”,  is the most historical place in Manila.  It is a Latin  word which means, within the walls.

How to get to Intramuros:

Ride and MRT bound for Taft. After getting off at the Taft  Avenue Station, walk towards the connecting footbridge to LRT-1 EDSA Station. Buy a ticket bound for Libertad Station.  From Libertad Station, walk towards the corner of Taft Avenue and Libertad Street(Arnaiz Avenue).

Ride a jeep with “Pier Harrizon Plaza Luna” sign, tell the driver to drop you off Fort Santiago.

Getting  Around Intramuros:

By foot:

The cheapest mode of going around. However, you need to have comfortable shoes, umbrella and bottled water!

Ride a pedicab:

The pedicab driver will tour you around the wall city.

Ride a kalesa:

An old-fashioned way to get around Intramuros, however it is more expensive than hiring a pedicab.

How to get to Concepcion from Iloilo International Airport

Option 1: Ride a taxi or van to Tagbak Terminal in Jaro (30 mins). – 500 pesos per taxi or van From Tagbak Terminal ride HPQ bus to Concepcion(3 hrs). – 120 pesos each person Option 2: Ride the Airport Shuttle to SM City Iloilo (20 mins). – 70 pesos each Ride a jeep with Leganes Highwaysign (15 mins). Tell the driver to drop you off to Tagbak Terminal – 10 pesos each From Tagbak Terminal ride HPQ bus to Concepcion (3 hrs). – 120 pesos each person

Tips: If you are a group of 6 or more, ride a van that will directly drop you off to Tagbak Terminal. It is much cheaper and convenient. Ceres bus is faster than HPQ bus, however, you have to stop by Sara Terminal. From there you can ride a HPQ bus or jeep, going to Concepcion(7.5 kms away).

For a sample 2D/1N itinerary, click here.

Our Sandbar Island Beach Resort Trip, click here.

TARAvel TIPS! Travel tips before and while travelling (Part 2)

While travelling

1. Do not be late! Especially when you’re gonna travel via air!

2. Maximize your time! You may set the time for every tourist destination. But don’t stress yourself, just enjoy!

3. Assign a leader. If you’re in a group, having a leader will avoid conflicts. He/she will make decisions in times of misunderstandings.

4. Assign a treasurer. Trust me, this is a big help! This will avoid the hassles of chipping in for every transaction you’ll make. He/she will transact for all expenses on behalf of the group.

5. Befriend locals! Interact with them. Have a friendly attitude. It will really help a lot as locals will provide tips about the place.

6. Stick with your budget!

7. Always have a cell phone on you for emergencies!

8. Know the delicacies and eat! eat! eat!

9. Enjoy the trip!

TARAvel TIPS! Travel tips before and while travelling (Part 1)

Before Travelling

1. Planning
This is the most important part of travelling. Planning where you wanna go and who you want to be with.

a. Research about the place. Check the tourist spots you wanna see. Know the culture, weather, religion and delicacies (:D).
b. Look for travel buddies.  It will make your travel expenses cheaper and more fun! Travel with someone you are comfortable with. The ideal group for travelling is 4, 8, 10 or 12. It will help you cut down your travel expenses. Hotel rooms, tricycle, car, van usually accommodates 4, 8, 10 or 12 persons.

2. Know your budget! 

3. Pack light

Avoid excess baggage, bring only the necessary things that you need.

Tips on packing:
a. Bring a sarong. This is very convenient, you can use it as a towel, blanket, mat, an accessory. 😀
b. Ziplock your clothes and valuables! I usually packed my clothes per day. For example, the clothes that I will wear on the second day are placed in a ziplock so when I need it, I can easily get it.

4. Bring enough money. ATM’s are around the country but never rely on these machines. Have enough money.

5. Bring your camera! To capture the moment!

6. Put your valuables in a safe place.

7. Bring some medicines like paracetamol, loperamide. etc.