4days/3nights Dapitan-Aliguay-Dipolog-Dakak Trip for only 4669.70

Day 1 description in Philippines Peso
Airfare (mnl to dpl, dpl to mnl) 175.2
Accommodation (Monina Pension/ Dakak/ Transfer from airport to Monina) 1588
jeep to airport 8
trike to airport 10
taxi to airport 67
siopao (lunch at airport) 65
terminal fee 200
trike to Rizal Shrine 7
trike To Dampa 10
Dinner 151
trike to Monina 7
tip 20

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Day 2 description in Philippines Peso
Aliguay Tour with lunch and van transfer to/from Sicayab Port 693
snorkeling 200
boat rent (P700 for 2hrs for 7 persons) 100
shake 40
Island Tour vehicle rent (P50 for 4 persons) 12.5
dinner 83

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Day 3 description in Philippines Peso
trike to terminal bus 7
bus to Dipolog 15
trike to Montano 10
trike to Zaragosa 10
trike to terminal bus 7
breakfast 105
lunch 188
dinner 395
drinks 97

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Day 4 in Philippines Peso
Breakfast with Service Charge 279
terminal fee 20
taxi 100

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Monina Pension House:

Contact Person: Maribel

Mobile Number: +639196144295

Dakak Park Beach Resort:

Taguilon, Dapitan City, Zamboanga del Norte:

Contact numbers: (0919) 7959416 / (0915) 3185238 / (065) 2136813

For Manila Office:

Contact numbers: (02) 7211461/7247375/ (0905) 2712556


Aliguay Tour Package:

Contact Person:  Jade

Mobile Number: 09122278333

Dapitan-Aliguay-Dipolog-Dakak Trip Day 3 and 4

Day 3  (Dipolog and Dakak)

At 6:30 am, we are already on our way to Dipolog to buy pasalubong. We commuted (to save money 🙂 ) and hailed a trike (P 7.00) to take us to the bus stop for buses (Evergood mini bus) bound to Dipolog.

yummy breakfast! jolly spaghetti! :D


Dipolog Church

Interior of Dipolog Cathedral

After our breakfast at Jollibee Dipolog, our next stop was Dipolog Cathedral. The main altar was designed by Dr. Jose P. Rizal during his exile in Dapitan. Although it has been renovated, the interior of the church is pretty much preserved.

yummy Spanish Sardines

Next stop is Montano, we hailed a trike (P7.00) that will take us to the main branch (factory price). It was located in a subdivision where the owner has a store infront of his house. We bought some Spanish Sardines in corn oil (P62.00), Spanish Sardines in tomato sauce (P67.00).

Then we went to Zaragoza’s to buy bagoong.(Trike to Zaragosa P10.00). The bagoong is the best!

We head back to Dapitan at around 10:30 am. And ate our lunch at Kamayan ni Manay in Dapitan (near Monina Pension house).

At around 1:30, a service van from Dakak fetch us. It was a 1-hour ride and we reached Dakak at 2:45. We immediately explore Dakak and enjoyed the beach.

At night, we ate our dinner at the Pavillion (Eat All You Can P395.00). Luckily, they had a cultural show that night, so we enjoyed our dinner while they were entertaining us.

We had free tickets to Gloria Fantasyland in Dapitan. However, I was not able to use it due to a case of diarrhea. Me and my boyfriend just stayed at the resort.

Day 4 (Bound to Manila)

We ate breakfast at the Pavillion.

Then went to the beach and took some photos.

At 10:00am we were off to the airport.

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Dapitan-Aliguay-Dipolog-Dakak Trip Day 2

Day 2 Itinerary (Aliguay Island)

We woke up early as our service (van transfer to/from Sicayab Port) will fetch us at 7:00am. We arrived at the Port at around 8:00am. Another group (doctors with medical mission) also was there and we boarded the Sepertina around 8:30 am.

The waves are big and it took us 45 minutes to reach Aliguay Island. Our guide offered us to snorkel. And we did! (Snorkelling gadgets – P200.00 and boat rent P700)

I enjoyed this so much. When the guide dove into the water, I asked him if I can do that too! By the way, the depth is 40 feet! The guide told me to remove my life vest and then I was floating! (Yehey!)

However, the waves scared me as I do not have my vest on. After a while, I decided not to dive and got back to the boat. 😦

We got back to the island and ate our lunch (Included in the Island Tour Package)! After that, we toured the island (using a golf cart, 50 pesos per hour) and found that the Ranillos have a rest house in the island.

We returned to the resort and it rained. During that time, I received a text that there was a tsunami alert (Japan was hit by a 9.0 earthquake that caused a tsunami to hit the eastern side of the country). Luckily, Dipolog-Dapitan is not on the Pacific Sea side. When the rain stopped, we head back to Sicayab Port.

We reached Monina Pension house at around 5pm and decided to eat dinner. We ate at Kan-anan. The barbeque is 12 pesos each.

Since there is nothing much to do and because of what happened to Japan, we decided to go back to the pension house and watch the news.

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Dapitan-Aliguay-Dipolog-Dakak Trip Day 1

Day 1 Itinerary (Rizal Shrine and Dampa)

Our Manila to Dipolog flight was delayed. The plan to have lunch in Dapitan was spoiled. Instead, we ate siopao (available at Terminal 3). After our lunch, the Cebupac crew announced that due to the delay, we were provided a free lunch (1 pc chicken and rice)! And you guess it right, we ate again (haha!). We haven’t finished our lunch when they announced that we have to board (around 1:00pm).

We arrived at Dipolog Airport at 2:30pm and the airport crew greeted us and lead us to our “sundo”.

After checking-in at Monina Pension House, we immediately proceed with our plan. Since it was almost night time, we only managed to visit Rizal Shrine.

To get there, we hailed a tricycle (7 pesos per person). The tour guide was so friendly and gave us facts about Rizal’s 4-year stay in Dapitan.

After the tour, we went to Inato Lang Restaurant Dapitan Aquamarine Park. The trike waited for us and brought us there. We had a very delicious dinner.

Then we went back to Monina Pension House.

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