Church: Paco Park Chapel (St. Pancratius Chapel)

My dream wedding was in a beach, around sunset with mountains at the background. I always love the beach and the mountains. However, this changed when my mom told me to have a church wedding. I see her point that our marriage should be blessed by the Church. I agreed and it really changes everything. I felt that getting married in church is what I really wanted. Bigla ko naalala nung medyo “bata” pa ako that na-iimagine ko sarili nag bridal march sa church! :))

Then, I knew instantly that I want an old church, small and dome. 🙂 Thanks to the internet! It didn’t take me that long to find the right one! When I saw Paco Park Chapel, I can see myself na walking dun sa garden! ?Yay! ♥ I informed this to Dennis and he liked it too! And this is it! We found our church!

Paco Park was originally planned as a municipal cemetery for the well-off and established aristocratic Spanish families who resided in the old Manila, or the city within the walls of Intramuros during the Spanish colonial era. Most of the wealthy families interred the remains of their loved ones inside the municipal cemetery in what was once the district of Dilao (former name for Paco). The cemetery was built in the late 18th century but was completed several decades later and in 1822, the cemetery was used to inter victims of a cholera epidemic that swept across the city.The cemetery is circular in shape, with an inner circular fort that was the original cemetery and with the niches that were placed or located within the hollow walls. As the population continued to grow, a second outer wall was built with the thick adobe walls were hollowed as niches and the top of the walls were made into pathways for promenades. A Roman Catholic chapel was built inside the walls of the Paco Park and it was dedicated to St. Pancratius. (reference

Our first time to get to Paco Park office for a reservation was last February. Someone in the office informed us that the bookings for 2013 weddings were not yet open! We should go back after the Holy Week.

So last, April 10, Dennis went back to book our date ♥. 🙂

Church Fee: P 18,000.00

Inclusion:  Flower arrangements, officiating priest, red carpet and use of electricity.


Contact Details: St. Vincent de Paul Parish
Tel #: 302-7374 / 524-2022

If you want a garden reception, please contact:

Contact Details: NDC Office
Tel #: 5257853