Exploring Calaguas Group of Islands

Calaguas is a group of islands in the Pacific located in the Province of Camarines Norte, Bicol.

Sample Itinerary: (via Paracale Port)

Day 0: 
10:00pm :  ETD Manila to Talobatib

Day 1:
5:00am:  ETA Talobatib, Labo, eat breakfast and wait for the bus going to Paracale
6:00am:  ETD to Paracale. Contact your boatman.
7:00am: ETA Paracale. Look for your boatman going to Calaguas. Buy foods, drinking water, etc.
9:00am: ETD Paracale to Calaguas Island
11:00am: ETA Calaguas, Island. Set-up camp, cook lunch!
12:00pm: Lunch time!
1:00pm : Explore, beach bumming, swimming!
5:00pm: Cook dinner!
6:00pm: Dinner time! sarap!
7:00pm – onwards: Socials. 😀

Day 2:

5:30am: wake up call, cook breakfast
6:00am: breakfast time
7:00am: free time
10:00am: prepare lunch
11:00am: early lunch
12:00pm: wash up, prepare to go home!
1:00pm: ETD Calaguas to Paracale to Talovatib by bus/trike
3:00pm: ETA Paracale. Bus to Talobatib.
4:00pm: ETD Talobatid, Daet to Manila

How to get there: (via land)

1. Ride a bus going to Daet.  There are buses from Cubao and Pasay. Travel time approx. 7 hrs. Fare around 750 pesos (not updated).

2. From Daet, tell the driver to drop you off Barangay Talobatib junction.

3. Ride a bus going to Paracale. First trip to Paracale is 6:00 am. Last Trip is 6:00pm. Travel time approx. 1 hr. Fare around 100 pesos.

4. Rent a boat going to Calaguas. Travel time approx. 2 hrs. Boat rent: 2000-3000 pesos. (not updated)


Or you can also rent a VAN or get a package Tour. 🙂


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