Manila Zoo

One Sunday morning we decided to tour Manila. We went to Intramuros and Manila Zoo.

Visiting Manila Zoo was not exactly in our plan. I heard negatives reviews about it. However, it was too early to go home so we (my boyfriend and I) took a short visit. I was expecting that it looks bad but when we entered, I can say that it is ok.

However, I got disappointed when I realized that the animals are neglected. Their condition made me sad. Yes, it made me happy seeing them, but looking closely, I saw that they are not well taken care of.

It seems that Manila Zoo is losing its animals, I can still remember a Giraffe (during my grade school days), but it is no longer around. I also saw a dead bird in a cage (maybe a Philippine Seargent Eagle, I can’t remember and I did not take a photo).  One of the Ostrich does not have feathers.  The elephant looks so sad and lonely. Other animals looks sick and some of them are thin as if they do not have enough food.

I hope that the zoo should make an effort in improving the zoo.



Intramuros: the “Walled City”

Intramuros, the “Walled City”,  is the most historical place in Manila.  It is a Latin  word which means, within the walls.

How to get to Intramuros:

Ride and MRT bound for Taft. After getting off at the Taft  Avenue Station, walk towards the connecting footbridge to LRT-1 EDSA Station. Buy a ticket bound for Libertad Station.  From Libertad Station, walk towards the corner of Taft Avenue and Libertad Street(Arnaiz Avenue).

Ride a jeep with “Pier Harrizon Plaza Luna” sign, tell the driver to drop you off Fort Santiago.

Getting  Around Intramuros:

By foot:

The cheapest mode of going around. However, you need to have comfortable shoes, umbrella and bottled water!

Ride a pedicab:

The pedicab driver will tour you around the wall city.

Ride a kalesa:

An old-fashioned way to get around Intramuros, however it is more expensive than hiring a pedicab.

A trip to Manila Ocean Park

For only 750 pesos, I was able to experience and enjoy a day with the sea creatures.  My sister, her boyfriend and I went to Manila Ocean Park. I was not expecting that I will enjoy it as I have heard some negative feedback about the park.

But on our first stop, I found my self clicking the cam and enjoying everything.

First stop:  (Encounter with the Sea Lion) Sea Lions are adorable and intelligent animals. They can end up being extremely large. They are pinnipeds (winged or fin-footed marine mammal).

Second Stop:  (Sea Lion Show) I love the Sea Lions! They are so adorable, witty,  lovely and so intelligent.

Third Stop: (Jellies) The dancing sea fairies. They made me feel relaxed.

Fourth Stop: (Oceanarium) The marine life park! The home of the thousands sea creatures. An underwater adventure where I came face to face with amazing sea creatures! I want to try the auqanaut ( up-close encounter with sharks and other sea creatures).  Too bad I was not able to bring extra clothes! 😦 Nevertheless, I enjoyed the adventure. Just taking pictures made me busy. 🙂

Fifth Stop:  (The Fountain Show) Simply Majestic!

more pictures: 

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Eat-All-You-Can @ Cabalen Megamall

This is my first time to eat at Cabalen (Megamall), a restaurant that serves food from Pampanga. It was around lunch time and the restaurant was “jampacked” but they accommodated us.

Since this is my first time to eat in an Eat-All-You-Can restaurant, I told myself that I will try all the dishes on the buffet table. However, the food selection is so wide that I wasn’t able to try all! (Lechon, Sisig, Crispy Kangkong, Dinuguan, Adobo, Paksiw na Bangus, Kare-Kare, Tokwa’t Baboy, Crispy Crablets,  Bopis, Ginataang Suso, Tocino, Sausages, etc.).

I just tried some of the dishes like kare-kare, crispy kankong(I so love!!!), tocino and longganisa!

Kare-kare at bagoong!






Cabalen Megamall offers Eat-All-you-Can Buffet for only P318 (tax included).

It’s a good place to eat together with family or friends especially if you have a big appetite. You won’t regret it. Great food, good service!

Banchetto Ortigas Center

Last Dec 30, my friends and I decided to go to Banchetto-Ortigas Center.

Banchetto is an overnight Street Food Fiesta. (yey! food!

When I say food fiesta, it is really is Fiesta!!! It is one hell of a feast! Foods are everywhere! (mata ko pa lang busog na!) Banchetto offers a wide variety of food (Filipino (streetfood, lutong bahay), International (pasta, pizza, kebab, takoyaki, maki), desserts (cakes, crepes, suman)) – you name it, and you can find it here!




Sisig... Tingin pa lang nahihilo na ako. :))

Monster Burger... so yummy!

The burger is so big!!! Kailangan talaga ng ka-share. 🙂

Kailangan ng kashare! :

Puto bumbong.. kahit hindi na christmas... may mabibili pa dito. 😀

yummy kebab

yummy kebab