A trip to Manila Ocean Park

For only 750 pesos, I was able to experience and enjoy a day with the sea creatures.  My sister, her boyfriend and I went to Manila Ocean Park. I was not expecting that I will enjoy it as I have heard some negative feedback about the park.

But on our first stop, I found my self clicking the cam and enjoying everything.

First stop:  (Encounter with the Sea Lion) Sea Lions are adorable and intelligent animals. They can end up being extremely large. They are pinnipeds (winged or fin-footed marine mammal).

Second Stop:  (Sea Lion Show) I love the Sea Lions! They are so adorable, witty,  lovely and so intelligent.

Third Stop: (Jellies) The dancing sea fairies. They made me feel relaxed.

Fourth Stop: (Oceanarium) The marine life park! The home of the thousands sea creatures. An underwater adventure where I came face to face with amazing sea creatures! I want to try the auqanaut ( up-close encounter with sharks and other sea creatures).  Too bad I was not able to bring extra clothes! 😦 Nevertheless, I enjoyed the adventure. Just taking pictures made me busy. 🙂

Fifth Stop:  (The Fountain Show) Simply Majestic!

more pictures: 

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