Intramuros: the “Walled City”

Intramuros, the “Walled City”,  is the most historical place in Manila.  It is a Latin  word which means, within the walls.

How to get to Intramuros:

Ride and MRT bound for Taft. After getting off at the Taft  Avenue Station, walk towards the connecting footbridge to LRT-1 EDSA Station. Buy a ticket bound for Libertad Station.  From Libertad Station, walk towards the corner of Taft Avenue and Libertad Street(Arnaiz Avenue).

Ride a jeep with “Pier Harrizon Plaza Luna” sign, tell the driver to drop you off Fort Santiago.

Getting  Around Intramuros:

By foot:

The cheapest mode of going around. However, you need to have comfortable shoes, umbrella and bottled water!

Ride a pedicab:

The pedicab driver will tour you around the wall city.

Ride a kalesa:

An old-fashioned way to get around Intramuros, however it is more expensive than hiring a pedicab.