Wedding Planning Update: Travel Themed Wedding

So, we’ve decided to change the wedding theme! This made me more excited! Since we both love to travel (kahit na walang pera! ), we will be having a travel themed wedding! Hooray! 🙂

This made me more obsessed about my wedding! (hehehe!) The passport-inspired or boarding pass-inspired invitations are cute, aren’t they?

Sample passport inspired wedding invitation.

What about the cake with an airplane as topper!

Sample travel themed wedding cake.

I am so happy with our decision, as travelling is one of our passion. This wedding will really describe us. We hope to share a bit of ourselves to the important people on our lives in the beginning of our new journey.

**Disclaimer:  The photos I used are not mine and can be searched through Google image.


7 comments on “Wedding Planning Update: Travel Themed Wedding

  1. Wow, it’s my first time to have heard of a travel themed wedding. parang gusto ko ring i suggest sa kaibigan kong ikakasal din this year, hehe. 😀

    Good luck on the preparations!

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