Manila Zoo

One Sunday morning we decided to tour Manila. We went to Intramuros and Manila Zoo.

Visiting Manila Zoo was not exactly in our plan. I heard negatives reviews about it. However, it was too early to go home so we (my boyfriend and I) took a short visit. I was expecting that it looks bad but when we entered, I can say that it is ok.

However, I got disappointed when I realized that the animals are neglected. Their condition made me sad. Yes, it made me happy seeing them, but looking closely, I saw that they are not well taken care of.

It seems that Manila Zoo is losing its animals, I can still remember a Giraffe (during my grade school days), but it is no longer around. I also saw a dead bird in a cage (maybe a Philippine Seargent Eagle, I can’t remember and I did not take a photo).  One of the Ostrich does not have feathers.  The elephant looks so sad and lonely. Other animals looks sick and some of them are thin as if they do not have enough food.

I hope that the zoo should make an effort in improving the zoo.


2 comments on “Manila Zoo

  1. I’m glad you visited Manila Zoo. If you want to make a difference, you don’t need to wait for anyone else. Check out the group of volunteers who meet at the zoo every Sunday morning to help make the zoo better, or learn more about the ongoing efforts at Friends of Manila Zoo. Thanks for caring!

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