Halo Halo de Iloko

On our La Union vacation, we visited the famous Halo Halo de Iloko. Upon entering the restaurant, you can feel the homey ambiance.

I actually do not eat halo halo but I really want to try La Union’s best so we ordered Fiesta Halo Halo, Emparedados, Mais Con Yelo and fries (merienda).

Fiesta Halo Halo is definitely one of a kind. I like the creamy taste and the fresh ingredients. I really enjoyed the unique taste of their Fiesta Halo Halo. Maybe the secret is on the cream?! Hehehe.

Emparedados - a native hamburger made from longganisa and bread. I ate two orders of these. 🙂

Cheesy fries

Fiesta Halo Halo

Fiesta Halo Halo- so yummy and creamy


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