Cagbalete Island, Quezon Itinerary


0130: Meet up at JAC LINER BUENDIA, Catch a bus trip to LUCENA GRAND TERMINAL
0200: ETD
04:30: ETA at LUCENA GRAND TERMINAL (You can eat breakfast at the terminal)
0500: ETD catch a mini bus bound to Mauban
0600: ETA at MAUBAN, QUEZON port
0600: Take trike to local market
0615: Arrive @ local market
0630: Take breakfast and/or market
0830: Take trike or walk to the port
0845: Arrive @ port area and wait for boat
1000: Take boat to Cagbalete Island
1045: Arrive @ port area (Sabang, Cagbalete Island)
1100: TREK TO RESORT – Kids will ask you to help you carry your luggage for a fee
1115-1130: Arrive @ VILLA CLEOFAS
1130-1300: Cook for lunch or eat packed lunch
1300: Explore/Rest/Swim
1800: Cook dinner
1900: Take dinner
2000: Socials
2300: Lights Out


0600: SWIM
0800: Cook for breakfast
0900: Take breakfast
1000: Wash up
1100: Trek back to port area (Sabang, Cagbalete Island)
1130: ETA port area (Sabang, Cagbalete Island)
1200: ETD Catch a ferry to MAUBAN, QUEZON port
1245: ETA Mauban, Quezon and take trike to ordinary bus
1300: Take bus back to LUCENA GRAND TERMINAL
1400: Take lunch
1500: Take bus trip going back to MANILA
1900: ETA at MANILA

How to get there click here.


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