Dapitan-Aliguay-Dipolog-Dakak Trip Day 3 and 4

Day 3Β  (Dipolog and Dakak)

At 6:30 am, we are already on our way to Dipolog to buy pasalubong. We commuted (to save money πŸ™‚ ) and hailed a trike (P 7.00) to take us to the bus stop for buses (Evergood mini bus) bound to Dipolog.

yummy breakfast! jolly spaghetti! :D


Dipolog Church

Interior of Dipolog Cathedral

After our breakfast at Jollibee Dipolog, our next stop was Dipolog Cathedral. The main altar was designed by Dr. Jose P. Rizal during his exile in Dapitan. Although it has been renovated, the interior of the church is pretty much preserved.

yummy Spanish Sardines

Next stop is Montano, we hailed a trike (P7.00) that will take us to the main branch (factory price). It was located in a subdivision where the owner has a store infront of his house. We bought some Spanish Sardines in corn oil (P62.00), Spanish Sardines in tomato sauce (P67.00).

Then we went to Zaragoza’s to buy bagoong.(Trike to Zaragosa P10.00). The bagoong is the best!

We head back to Dapitan at around 10:30 am. And ate our lunch at Kamayan ni Manay in Dapitan (near Monina Pension house).

At around 1:30, a service van from Dakak fetch us. It was a 1-hour ride and we reached Dakak at 2:45. We immediately explore Dakak and enjoyed the beach.

At night, we ate our dinner at the Pavillion (Eat All You Can P395.00). Luckily, they had a cultural show that night, so we enjoyed our dinner while they were entertaining us.

We had free tickets to Gloria Fantasyland in Dapitan. However, I was not able to use it due to a case of diarrhea. Me and my boyfriend just stayed at the resort.

Day 4 (Bound to Manila)

We ate breakfast at the Pavillion.

Then went to the beach and took some photos.

At 10:00am we were off to the airport.

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To view the total expenses of this trip, click here.


24 comments on “Dapitan-Aliguay-Dipolog-Dakak Trip Day 3 and 4

  1. The 1588 php is that the charges per person ? includes room ? how many people per room? how many beds per room? is the food also included in the deal? Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks.

    • yes, the 1588 amount is per person. We are a group of 7.
      Please see breakdown below:

      Dakak accomodation

      (Barkadahan Package) P3100.00/ night/room (1 night)

      Php886.00 each

      Monina Pension House P900/night/room (2 nights)

      Php258.00 each/night

      Van rent P500

      Food is not included

  2. hello! I like you blog very much! i got a lot of info and very helpful! may i know about the van rent for php 500? where are u headed that u rented a van? is it not included in the package? do u have contact of the van rental? thanks for ur response!

    • thank you so much. yung van rent kasi namin, to/from sicayab port. actually 1k sya. nakiusap lang kami na 500. hehehe. yung aliguay tour package is 550. πŸ™‚ si jade (aliguay tour contact person) din yung kausap namin sa van rental.

  3. follow up question: what are included in the Barkadahan Package for Dakak? does it included breakfast? or its only accommodation? thanks!

    • yung barkadahan package na na-avail namin. walang breakfast. eto lang inclusion:
      * Roundtrip Airport/Wharf/Resort Transfer
      * Welcome Lei
      * Welcome Drinks
      * Complimentary entrance and rides at Gloria Fanstasy Land

  4. thank u sooo much for your replies! i truly appreciate it! by the way, is the Complimentary Entrance and Rides to Gloria Fantasy Land would be “RIDE-ALL-YOU-CAN”?? or limited rides only? I also wonder, if is there a free shuttle that will take us to the Fantasyland?

  5. Do you have any idea as to how much is the entrance and availing all rides in Gloria Fantasyland? Is it true that they will open in the afternoon only? like 5:00pm – 12mn?

  6. Hi.. Do you still have the contact number for the van?? & do you still remember how much ung meals like “lunch sa river cruise, dinner sa Aquamarine park? Thanks!!

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