4days/3nights Dapitan-Aliguay-Dipolog-Dakak Trip for only 4669.70

Day 1 description in Philippines Peso
Airfare (mnl to dpl, dpl to mnl) 175.2
Accommodation (Monina Pension/ Dakak/ Transfer from airport to Monina) 1588
jeep to airport 8
trike to airport 10
taxi to airport 67
siopao (lunch at airport) 65
terminal fee 200
trike to Rizal Shrine 7
trike To Dampa 10
Dinner 151
trike to Monina 7
tip 20

Day 1 Itinerary click here

Day 2 description in Philippines Peso
Aliguay Tour with lunch and van transfer to/from Sicayab Port 693
snorkeling 200
boat rent (P700 for 2hrs for 7 persons) 100
shake 40
Island Tour vehicle rent (P50 for 4 persons) 12.5
dinner 83

Day 2 Itinerary click here.

Day 3 description in Philippines Peso
trike to terminal bus 7
bus to Dipolog 15
trike to Montano 10
trike to Zaragosa 10
trike to terminal bus 7
breakfast 105
lunch 188
dinner 395
drinks 97

Day 3 Itinerary click here

Day 4 in Philippines Peso
Breakfast with Service Charge 279
terminal fee 20
taxi 100

Day 4 Itinerary click here

Monina Pension House:

Contact Person: Maribel

Mobile Number: +639196144295

Dakak Park Beach Resort:

Taguilon, Dapitan City, Zamboanga del Norte:

Contact numbers: (0919) 7959416 / (0915) 3185238 / (065) 2136813

For Manila Office:

Contact numbers: (02) 7211461/7247375/ (0905) 2712556


Aliguay Tour Package:

Contact Person:  Jade

Mobile Number: 09122278333


11 comments on “4days/3nights Dapitan-Aliguay-Dipolog-Dakak Trip for only 4669.70

  1. oh that was detailed, more than I expected. Thank u very much! maybe I’ll do the same as u did. but just two nights and three days. I’ll skip Aliguay beach since I will be touring with my parents and my infant baby. Thnak u , your blog is very helpful!

  2. how much did you pay for the tour and dinner in dakak? who can i contact to ask for the rate including the transfer from the hotel to their resort and back?

    thank you!

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