TARAvel TIPS! Travel tips before and while travelling (Part 2)

While travelling

1. Do not be late! Especially when you’re gonna travel via air!

2. Maximize your time! You may set the time for every tourist destination. But don’t stress yourself, just enjoy!

3. Assign a leader. If you’re in a group, having a leader will avoid conflicts. He/she will make decisions in times of misunderstandings.

4. Assign a treasurer. Trust me, this is a big help! This will avoid the hassles of chipping in for every transaction you’ll make. He/she will transact for all expenses on behalf of the group.

5. Befriend locals! Interact with them. Have a friendly attitude. It will really help a lot as locals will provide tips about the place.

6. Stick with your budget!

7. Always have a cell phone on you for emergencies!

8. Know the delicacies and eat! eat! eat!

9. Enjoy the trip!


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