Zipline at Dahilayan Adventure Park, Bukidnon

2nd day Bukidnon, zipline day! 🙂

We arrived early at the Dahilayan Adventure Park (around 7:45). Since it’s early, the zipzone is still closed so we decided to go the park beside it  to wait. (I think the entrance fee is 50 pesos).

When the zipzone opened, we immediately went to the counter to pay for our rides. There are 3 ziplines and we decided to ride all three for only 600 pesos (per pax).

Zipline New Rate Effective April 1, 2010

840mt (40kls. – 110 kls. only):         P 500.00/pax/ride
320m + 150mt:                   P 250.00/pax/ride
Child Tandem:                 P 150.00 (if below 5 years old and weighs not over 20kls.)
All Rides (320mt. + 150mt. + 840mt.):    P 600.00/pax/ride

1st ride: 320mt. zipline

2nd ride: 150mt. zipline

3rd ride: 840mt. zipline

The 840mt. zipline is the main attraction in the adventure park. It is the Asia’s longest dual zipline. I enjoyed this ride so much. You can control how fast you want it to be. You can spread out your arms to go slow and close them to your sides to go fast.

How to get to Dahilayan Adventure Park, Bukidnon, click here.


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