Mt. Manalmon Itinerary

Mt. Manalmon Itinerary



0830 ARRIVE at BRGY. KAMIAS bus stop

0845 Take TRIKE to JUMP-OFF

0930 Arrived at JUMP-OFF

0945 REGISTER and hire GUIDES

1000 Start trek

1130 Arrive at summit and take pictures

1230 Traverse going to the river

1300 Arrive at river and take lunch

1415 Trek to jump-off

1445 Arrive at jump-off and proceed to caving (P30 per person)

1700 Return to Jump-off

1715 Swim at the river

1800 Wash-up

1900 Take trike and depart to bus stop

1945 Arrive at bus stop and take bus going to Cubao

2200 Arrive at Cubao

Bus Fare:  P114.00 per person one way

Trike: P200.00 per trike one way

Registration P5.00 per person

Guide P300.00 group of 8

Caving 30 per person


10 comments on “Mt. Manalmon Itinerary

  1. hey thanks for this I.T! its actually a big help for me and my group! we are planning to go there and it wud be our 1st time, so appreciate your Blog coz it made my life easier as per I.T! (just need to copy & paste everything that easy!).. More Power to you Group mga Mam and Sir!.. May the Force be with Us!..

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