Banchetto Ortigas Center

Last Dec 30, my friends and I decided to go to Banchetto-Ortigas Center.

Banchetto is an overnight Street Food Fiesta. (yey! food!

When I say food fiesta, it is really is Fiesta!!! It is one hell of a feast! Foods are everywhere! (mata ko pa lang busog na!) Banchetto offers a wide variety of food (Filipino (streetfood, lutong bahay), International (pasta, pizza, kebab, takoyaki, maki), desserts (cakes, crepes, suman)) – you name it, and you can find it here!




Sisig... Tingin pa lang nahihilo na ako. :))

Monster Burger... so yummy!

The burger is so big!!! Kailangan talaga ng ka-share. 🙂

Kailangan ng kashare! :

Puto bumbong.. kahit hindi na christmas... may mabibili pa dito. 😀

yummy kebab

yummy kebab


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